NVR - Serial Port to Clear Configuration-Password Reset-NVR&XVR - 202201

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1. First, use the serial cable to connect the serial port of NVR/XVR to the serial port of the PC, and run on the PC
 SecureCRT software:


2. Open SecureCRT.exe, choose serial to login

Note: By default, the RTS / CTS item is selected and checked. In addition, pay attention to the port and baud rate settings.

3. After connecting, enter the serial port window, restart NVR/XVR, the screen will print the following information:


Note: Hit anykey to stop autoboot quickly, continuous typing "*", otherwise can not enter the serial-Uboot mode.

4. After completing the above three steps, see below:


5. Enter “eracfg ” to clear the configuration of the device;

  Note: it may remind “fail” as below,  just ignore it firstly, keep on. 


6.  Then enter “reboot” to restart the device.

Note: if “reboot” does not work, then use “boot” to restart the device, different device have different command according.   

7. Connect the NVR/XVR to the monitor, then enter the new initialization process. 


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